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Grover Review- Get the Best For The Price!

30 Oct 2022 4 Mins Read

Grover is the best Grover for renting electronics, appliances, gaming, and other items on a budget. Grover’s flexible tech rental subscriptions make access to technology simple, affordable, and sustainable. There are no deposits or commitments; just tech when you need it for as long as you need it. Grover is one of Germany’s best-funded scale-ups, with approximately $1.3 billion in funding, and we’re growing quickly. Since 2015, they have grown from a small startup based in a Berlin apartment to a team of 500+ employees providing flexible tech subscriptions to renters in Germany, Austria, the United States, Spain, and the Netherlands. And they are only getting started this year, they expanding into new countries and introducing new ways for people to get the technology they need.

There Are Some Best Things Which You Can Buy From Grover


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The Final Thoughts

Grover is a pioneer in the advancement of the Circular Economy, with over 500,000 devices circulated. Its business model of renting out tech products to multiple users throughout their life cycle extracts the most value from each product while reducing e-waste. Grover is one of Germany’s best-funded scale-ups, with a total financing volume of around €1.4 billion and 400+ employees.

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