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GoDaddy Website Review :2023

20 Feb 2023 5 Mins

GoDaddy is a website builder, web host, and domain registrar. You can purchase a domain name, web hosting, and a website builder everything you need to launch a small business website or online store. GoDaddy’s hosting services include shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated hosting. The GoDaddy all-in-one website builder is a popular tool for do-it-yourself website builders. The platform has low-cost pricing plans, an easy-to-use site design editor, e-commerce functionality, and a robust set of marketing features built in.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Easy-to-use site builder tool
Free domain registration for first term
30-day money-back guarantee
24/7 support
Free plan available
99.9% uptime guarantee

No free site transfer
Multiple upsells
High renewal rates
No free backups on lower priced plans
No free SSL on lower priced plans
Site monitoring security costs extra

What is GoDaddy
GoDaddy is well-known for its domain registration and hosting services, but it also has its own website builder that allows you to build a website from scratch. GoDaddy’s site builder is a one-stop shop that includes web hosting as well as a website design editor.

Pricing and Plans at GoDaddy
GoDaddy’s free web hosting plan sets it apart from the competition. Keep in mind that this plan is truly unlimited and not just a trial. The free plan, on the other hand, is severely limited. For example, on GoDaddy’s domain, you must use a subdomain ( Nonetheless, it allows you to test GoDaddy’s website builder and view the templates available.

One of the most vexing aspects of GoDaddy is its pricing. It appears fair on the surface, but once you sign up for a paid plan, you’ll notice that GoDaddy’s pricing practises are far from transparent. Here are the shared hosting plan tiers, introductory costs for various terms, and renewal rates.

Other Advantages
The GoDaddy website builder provides a number of tools and features to assist you in developing a strong online presence. Here are a few of the most popular features and benefits offered by GoDaddy:

Take payments. With the E-commerce plan, you can accept payments through GoDaddy Payments or a number of other payment processors such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.
Blog. Create a blog for your GoDaddy website; the builder includes popular blogging features such as category management and blog commenting.
Email promotion. The ability to send emails directly from the GoDaddy dashboard is included in all paid plans, though send volumes vary significantly by plan (100 to 25,000 emails allowed per month).
App for appointment/service scheduling. All paid plans include a free appointment scheduling app, but advanced features such as recurring appointments, group events, appointment email reminders, and appointment payments require an upgrade to the Premium or E-commerce plan.
Customer service is available around the clock. Get 24 hour support via chat, phone, or the GoDaddy online Help Center.
Sell both digital and physical goods. You can sell both physical and digital products with the E-commerce plan.
Suite of digital marketing tools. Access GoDaddy’s suite of marketing tools, including branded content creation, social media management, search engine optimisation, expanded email marketing, paid search, and social and email analytics, for an additional $9.99 per month on top of your plan fee.
Storage and bandwidth are both unlimited. Your GoDaddy website has no file storage or bandwidth restrictions.
Services for website design. GoDaddy provides custom website design; however, you must contact the company directly for a free consultation and pricing information.
Hardware alternatives. If you have a physical store or need to accept payments in person, GoDaddy provides both a card reader and a full POS system.

GoDaddy provides 24 hour support.
GoDaddy’s 24/7 support does not apply to every country or support channel. However, many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, offer phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, while most live chat services are available 24 hours a day, some countries may have limited hours.

Wait times for phone or live chat are typically short, but we’ve been on hold for up to an hour for a representative. Customer feedback on GoDaddy web hosting is mixed.

The majority of negative reviews appear to be about renewal rates, refunds, and customers being unaware of how steep the renewal rates are. Positive feedback emphasises how hard many customer service representatives work to assist customers in resolving an issue or obtaining a refund.

Is GoDaddy Right for You or Your Business?
For web hosting, most small businesses would benefit from GoDaddy. With a GoDaddy plan, it’s critical that you understand what you’re getting into. If you only need a domain name and web hosting, you’ll have to buy an SSL separately, but it’s still a reasonably priced option overall. Those who want marketing and SEO tools, an SSL certificate, and a website builder will pay about a dollar more per month with GoDaddy. Whatever plan you choose, there is the potential for significant savings if you keep renewal rates in mind. GoDaddy makes it simple to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server as your site and traffic grow. However, GoDaddy is not for everyone. The web host includes numerous upsells on its website, through its editor, and even through customer support. The quality and speed of support varies. And its pricing language and policies appear to be designed to be perplexing. If these potential pitfalls bother you, think about switching to another top-rated web host.

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