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Experience more with tech for less at Grover Austria

13 Jan 2023 5 Mins

Do you have old tablets, laptops, computer mice, and chargers that you’re not sure what to do with? You are not alone; hundreds of thousands of expats in Germany and Austria carry the accumulated ‘tech junk’ of the last few years with them.

Grover, a Berlin-based all-things-tech rental platform, has raised another $330 million in equity ($110 million) and debt funding ($220 million) in a Series C funding round. The capital will be used to “accelerate international expansion of Grover’s circular electronics subscription service,” as is customary for the Grovester. Grover has raised over $2 billion to date, with debt funding accounting for 90% of the total.

Grover is transforming the way people access and enjoy technology by allowing consumers to rent devices that best meet their needs at the time.

Whatever your interests or occupation, we are surrounded by technology. Whether it’s a passion for photography, video games, or flying a drone, technology accumulates as gadgets become obsolete. That doesn’t include the cables, chargers, and other accessories that come with any tech purchase, as well as the countless boxes, bags, and wrapping! Are you ready to use technology more mindfully? Rent for three months and get 90% off your first month by using the discount code from the German or Austrian websites.

Better living with (adaptable) technology
Do you want to get rid of your “tech junk” drawer and find a way to enjoy all of the different technologies you want? This is what makes Grover such an exciting newcomer. The Berlin-based startup has introduced flexible renting of technology across Germany and Austria, with over 150 thousand active subscriptions on the platform so far and growing. In fact, Grover rental is now available at Saturn and Mediamarkt locations throughout Germany. You can rent a phone, laptop, gaming console, or other gadget for a reasonable monthly fee. At the end of your chosen rental period, you can either return it for an upgrade or a different product, or you can purchase it outright, making it yours forever.

This flexible renting model has numerous advantages for users, particularly international expats. Renting on a monthly basis is often less expensive than purchasing a device outright, which you will inevitably stop using at some point, and it allows you to return a device when you choose to return home, rather than taking something that may not work or take up space in your luggage.

Renting and usage-based consumption are also wise and foresighted financial decisions that allow us all to stay current with our preferred technology while also ceasing to pay for it when we no longer use it. This helps to avoid impulse purchases that leave us out of pocket and with yet more useless cables and batteries.

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