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All About ThemeForest

24 Feb 2023

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine any business operating without a website. It is a “must have” because it functions as a business card, attracts new customers, and effectively represents your company on the web. That is why many people hire web designers to build their design sites from scratch, while others prefer to save money by using WordPress templates that can be easily customised to their needs.

What is ThemeForest?
It is a large marketplace dedicated to WordPress and HTML templates. If the idea of selecting from over 10,000 designs appeals to you, ThemeForest was created for you. Instead of selecting products from a single manufacturer, you can browse the works of thousands of different web developers. However, not every WordPress theme is of the same high quality. ThemeForest, like TemplateMoster, allows you to become acquainted with the theme’s testimonials and rates, and you can enjoy viewing its demo version. What is more convenient is the sortable gallery, where you can not only select specific features of interest, but also a price range. Any designer can sell their templates here, and each theme on Theme Forest has been thoroughly tested to ensure its quality. As a result, you have the most products for your website at a reasonable price of about $28-65. What is extremely disappointing is that after purchasing the theme, you must directly interact with the developers if you encounter any problems. ThemeForest does not offer the same level of support as TemplateMonster. However, some WordPress themes include a set period of technical support from the developer (for example, for a 6-month period). If you want to extend the period of technical support, you may have to pay an additional fee. Most themes are also extendable, allowing you to add professional installation, services like hosting, speed optimisation, SEO, and so on, or choose extended licences for reselling the template, which is sometimes not included in the flat price. All of the templates come with a one-time use licence.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Affordably priced; themes created by various authors;
a greater selection of templates;
Search that is easy to use;
Forums, blogs, and FAQs for the community

There is no continuous support service; each theme’s author is in charge of it.
The themes are of varying quality;
Extra charges for extended technical support and licencing;
Direct contact with developers is required.

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