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Plan a Budget Trip like a Boss With these 10 Backpacker Hostels in Europe

10 Nov 2022 6 Mins

While some accommodation options have long ago disappeared, some have withstood the test of time. In Europe, the hostels have been well-known and well-established. A newer trend is the luxury hostel, which offers additional amenities for guests at a greater cost.

The hostels you discovered 10 years ago are not the hostels you find now. They have various amenities and are much nicer.

Here is a detailed list of all the top ten hostels in Europe:

  1. City Backpackers (Stockholm)

It is an amazing hostel option for you on a budget. They have a lovely café and a place to dine and relax outside. They have very soft and warm mattresses and pillows, and they also include a sizable kitchen, common area, laundry facilities, and sauna. It seems as though a public computer is at every corner. One of the best hostels in Europe has always been City Backpackers.

  1. Sophie’s Hostel (Prague)

It has been one of the favorite hostels in Prague. However, it is more premium. Modern rooms with wonderful bathrooms, cozy mattresses, and excellent water pressure are available. The staff is really pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable, and the bar is constantly bustling. They also provide a substantial breakfast and host several events.

  1. Goodnight Hostel (Lisbon)

They arrange evenings out, provide free dinners, and sangria, and are conveniently located downtown. The showers have incredible water pressure, and there is a tiny communal room. Meeting other tourists is simple and personal in this tiny hostel.

  1. Christopher’s (Barcelona)

Everything about this location, which is close to La Rambla, one of Barcelona’s most well-known thoroughfares offers the best-staying experience. You would adore the beautiful and stylish curtains on the beds in the dorms and the enormous outside space and bar close to the hostel. You would appreciate the St. Christopher’s brand in general. All around Europe, they provide enjoyable, hygienic, social, and contemporary hostels.

  1. The Flying Pig (Amsterdam)

You would like the vibe here even if the amenities are average and the cost is a little high. This hostel is well-liked by tourists who want to unwind and smoke, however at night, and those who don’t want to mingle with the high crowd in the bar area. The people that work here are what set this facility apart. They socialize with visitors, are knowledgeable about the area, and are very helpful.

  1. Hostels with generators

The Generator is a hostel chain that has establishments throughout Europe. You might come across a handful of their sites, but the most favorites would be in Copenhagen and Dublin. The hostels provide fantastic bars and restaurants, spotless bathrooms, cozy mattresses, laundry facilities, and prices that are incredibly low. Their main issues are the frequently poor Wi-Fi and the breakfast fee, but after staying at a number of their locations, you would consider staying at more. (At their Copenhagen branch, they also provide karaoke).

  1. Castle Rock (Edinburgh)

This hostel is stunning and is close to Edinburgh’s renowned Royal Mile and, you guessed it, the castle. The structure is ancient with lovely wood interiors, stone stairways, and an old-world, regal vibe. It feels like you’re at the house of your ancestors. There are pool tables, TVs, wi-fi, and free newspapers in the common room. The staff is really friendly, and they arrange activities and meals.

  1. Snuffel Backpacker Hostel (Bruges)

This hostel, which is close to the city center of Bruges, is housed in a very ancient building. As a result, the rooms are small, and taking a shower requires going downstairs and going into the rear courtyard. A rear patio, free wi-fi, a fantastic assortment of Belgian beers, and bikes are available, though.

  1. Francesco’s (Ios)

How could you not appreciate this property having a beautiful view? There is a kitchen, a pool, and extremely clean, cozy rooms. The porch area is a terrific location to meet new people, the proprietors are quite kind, and every evening they hold a gathering for the hostel so that everyone can socialize (free shot included). Because it’s Ios and rest assured that everyone visits for partying here, they also plan bar crawls. It’s also the hostel with the best location on the island, making it simple to stroll home even after a few too many beers.

  1. Archi Rossi (Florence)

You would relish your stay at this hostel with a breakfast menu. You can get anything from eggs to bacon to toast to pancakes. It’s not the typical bread and coffee breakfast in Europe that gets you depressed in the morning. It’s a hearty breakfast in every way! The hostel has personality, more so than the cuisine. They offer a fantastic outdoor area where you can relax with a glass of wine, a kitchen as big as a cafeteria, and you may draw or write your name on the wall.

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