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Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai During Your Stopover

20 Jun 2023 6 Mins

Dubai, the ultramodern city-state, is becoming increasingly attractive not only for business visitors but also for leisure stopovers and luxury vacations. The desert oasis is going all out, including creating a new international airport in time for Expo 2020 Dubai, which wants to attract 20 million visitors each year. It is simple to plan a stopover in Dubai using airlines such as Emirates all of the airline’s flights originate and/or transit via Dubai. In reality, routes with a long layover in Dubai can be significantly less expensive than direct flights or those with short layovers. You may check hotels and other activities option from official site.


To get to The Dubai Mall, take the Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro, which is clean, efficient, and fully automated, transports passengers between Terminals 1 and 3 to The Dubai Mall.Take the red line to the stop Burj Khalifa. The journey takes about 20 minutes. Map out which of the mall’s 1,200 stores you wish to visit on the way.

Visit the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall
No visit to Dubai is complete without a trip to the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Start your stopover by taking the high-speed elevator to the observation deck on the 148th floor, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Marvel at the city’s impressive skyline and the vast Arabian Gulf stretching into the horizon. Adjacent to the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall, a shopper’s paradise. Explore the mall’s expansive retail outlets, enjoy delectable cuisine at its many restaurants, or witness the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain show, a choreographed water and light spectacle.

Take a Desert Safari 
Escape the city’s bustling atmosphere and embark on an exhilarating desert safari adventure. Hop into a 4×4 vehicle and venture into the golden sand dunes of Dubai’s desert. Experience the thrill of dune bashing as your skilled driver maneuvers through the undulating landscape. Engage in sandboarding, a popular sport where you glide down the dunes on a board, or simply relish the serene beauty of the desert during a camel ride. As the sun sets, immerse yourself in Arabian culture at a traditional desert camp. Enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner, watch captivating belly dance performances, and get henna tattoos as you unwind under the starlit sky.

Explore Old Dubai: Bastakia Quarter and Dubai Creek
Step back in time and discover the historical heart of Dubai. Visit the Bastakia Quarter, a beautifully preserved neighborhood showcasing traditional Arabian architecture. Stroll through narrow lanes, admire the distinctive wind towers, and explore art galleries and charming cafes. Head towards Dubai Creek, the city’s lifeline, and take an abra (traditional wooden boat) ride across the waterway. Experience the bustling atmosphere of the spice and gold souks, where you can haggle for exotic spices, intricate jewelry, and authentic Arabian treasures.

Visit the Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis, The Palm
Take a journey to the man-made wonder of Palm Jumeirah, an iconic palm-shaped island. Marvel at the architectural brilliance as you drive along the crescent-shaped trunk, fringed with luxurious beachfront hotels and residences. Stop by Atlantis, The Palm, a renowned five-star resort and entertainment destination. Explore the underwater world at the Lost Chambers Aquarium, where you can witness captivating marine life up close. For the adventurous, Aqua-venture Waterpark offers thrilling water slides and a chance to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay.

Dine at a Rooftop Restaurant and Experience the Nightlife
End your stopover by indulging in Dubai’s vibrant nightlife. The city boasts a plethora of rooftop restaurants and bars that offer stunning views and delicious cuisine. Savor a delectable meal while enjoying panoramic vistas of Dubai’s glittering skyline. After dinner, immerse yourself in the energetic nightlife scene. From trendy nightclubs to stylish lounges, there is something for everyone.

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