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The Best Travel Destinations in Europe for Traveler on a Budget

10 Mar 2023 5 Mins

Europe is popular with tourists because of its  destinations rich in culture, natural beauty, and delicious food. However, most Indian tourists are put off by the high cost of visiting the continent. However, there are some European countries that can be visited on a shoestring budget.

The countries listed below will enchant you with their scenic beauty, delectable cuisine, and iconic tourist attractions.

Bulgaria will leave you speechless with its beauty, from the iconic  Central Balkan National Park, which is one of Europe’s most adventurous hiking destinations.  Then the city of Plovdiv is a must-see, as is discovering Asen’s Fortress or the Roman Theatres. The site contains  archaeological sites that reflect early Bulgarian heritage. Bulgaria’s Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, with its gilded edifices and domes, is a popular tourist destination.

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The Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is another European country that is enjoyable to visit and will not break the bank. The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, history, vibrant nightlife, and ornate structures. Prague is  lovely. The Charles Bridge, the Hluboka and Karlstejn castles, and  Synagogue are all must-see attractions. Although it is a little pricey, the extravagant Christmas Market in Prague is not to be missed.

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You can go there for a romantic vacation or even a memorable honeymoon trip. The country has a lot to offer on a budget, from architectural marvels like the Buda Palace to some of Europe’s most exquisite wineries. The world’s oldest indoor market is a fantastic place to find inexpensive souvenirs and delectable snacks. Don’t miss out on an adrenaline rush in the Bükk Mountains. Paddle boating on Lake Balaton is an option, as is a visit to Tihany, a picturesque village.

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Stay away from the packed Ring of Kerry for Region Clare, which is home to the sensational Precipices of Moher, which rise in excess of 700 feet over the crashing Atlantic waves; the unusually disintegrated limestone scene of the Burren, where ancient chunk burial chambers roost on the rough flatlands like smaller than normal places of cards; and Doolin, a squint and-you’ll-miss-it town that has turned into a well known objective for conventional Celtic music.

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Istanbul, Turkey
Admission to Istanbul’s major state-run museums may be prohibitively expensive, but the Great Palace Mosaic Museum, located just behind the Blue Mosque and adjacent to the Arasta Bazaar, is only 60 Turkish lira . These charming mosaic scenes of hunts, myths, animal battles, and daily life in antiquity once covered the floor of the Palatium Magnum, the Great Palace built between Constantine the Great and Justinian.

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Berlin, Germany
Berlin has a Cold War aura, modern architecture, and thriving gallery and restaurant scenes. It’s no surprise that the city has become a cultural capital of Central Europe, with its cosmopolitan, East-meets-West edginess.

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