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Lululemon Review: Shopping For Workout Clothes

11 Jul 2022 5 Mins Read

If you are looking for a new workout or leisure wear, lululemon is a good place to start. Whether you are a devoted yogi, a strength-training enthusiast, a fan of rough and rugged outdoor sports, or you simply enjoy wearing comfortable fitness clothing in your daily life, lululemon has you covered. Lululemon Athletic Inc, founded in 1998 by a Canadian entrepreneur named Dennis J. Wilson, dominates the market for high-end workout wear that is well-made and functional, fashionable but not too trendy. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you head to your nearest lululemon store (the better way to shop for this brand: the website sometimes doesn’t do the clothing justice, so at least pop in, look around, and try on before going home to order online).

What a Concept

A trip to a lululemon store can be more than just buying workout clothes. Because the company is committed to community development, there will most likely be a bulletin board with local yoga teachers and announcements of upcoming fundraisers. Most stores also provide free yoga and fitness classes.

What You Can Get at Lululemon

  • Men’s, women’s, and girls’ stylish workout clothing (sizes 6 to 14)
  • True-to-size sizing means that if you normally wear an 8 in other brands, you will also wear an 8 at lululemon.
  • A signature fabric called Luon, is a four-way stretchy blend of nylon and Lycra that feels like cotton but keeps you dry. Luon is available in a variety of weights (lighter for indoor exercise, for example, and heavier for exercising outdoors in cold or wet weather). Lululemon also sells clothing in other fabrics, including natural fibers. Some are wrinkle-prone, so fold or roll them when packing them rather than stuff them in your workout bag.
  • Colors of high quality: black is truly black, and pastels are vibrant rather than pale.
  • Athletic equipment. In addition to clothing, lululemon sells yoga mats, workout bags, backpacks, headbands, hats, scarves, underwear, socks, and even footed tights for ice skaters.

Treat yourself to any of the products available from lululemon! The company curates an exciting collection of clothing and accessories. Each product page is well-organized to make shopping a breeze for you. To present you with your options, stunning images are laid out in coordinating rows down the entire page. The website compiles a series of pictures for each individual product, adding a bit of fun to your adventures in their shop. Hover your cursor over a specific product to see it quickly cycle through the various photographs. It’s an excellent way to highlight several aspects of each product right away. It also works extremely well to generate general interest in any of the products listed. Lululemon takes pride in producing high-quality fitness apparel and accessories. The use of highly defined photographs highlights the smallest details of each item sold by the company, while the addition of useful effects works to pique the interest of users long before they dive into the specifics.

Lululemon Athletica is a clean website design in the industries of E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Wellness, and Sports & Leisure.

Here Are Some Best Things You Can Buy at Lululemon

Tried and true leggings.
If you are going to buy pants from Lululemon, you should start with Wunder Unders. This popular style of leggings is a must-have for any athleisure wardrobe. The high waistband keeps everything tucked in without digging into your skin, and the material is possibly the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. The best thing about Wunder Unders is the variety of styles available. I prefer the look of classic black leggings, but you can find leggings in a variety of lengths, styles, and colors to match your workout outfit.

A tank that shows off you’re sculpt
The Sculpt Tank simply exudes strength and power, which is exactly what you want during a strenuous workout. It’s soft and breathable, and the loose cut keeps it from rubbing against your skin while lifting weights or doing push-ups. One of our coworkers adores this top and has it in five different colors.

The perfect pair of running shorts
These are my preferred running shorts. At five inches long, they are long enough to not give you a wedgie but still feel loose when running. There’s also a zippered pocket large enough to hold keys, long-run fuel, and credit cards. These shorts look great in black, but lululemon is constantly adding new colors and patterns, so you can switch up your gym look with the seasons.

The best yoga mat
When it comes to yoga attire, lululemon not only has the clothes to make you look like a serious yogi, but they also have the best yoga mat money can buy. Seriously, we put it up against all the other popular options. We liked how comfortable it is and how it has a completely non-slip surface, which means you can keep your downward dog even in the hottest hot yoga class. It also looks absolutely stunning and comes in a variety of lovely colors and patterns for any aspiring yogi.

These headbands are fantastic. They come in beautiful patterns, stay on your head, and keep flyaway hairs out of your face during even the most strenuous workouts.

Finally, if you are a fitness fanatic who prefers to shop on your phone, there’s an app for that. You can download a handy lululemon shopping app for Android and iOS from the company’s website, which includes features like a store locator and the ability to send e-gift cards to other athletically inclined people.

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