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How to Detox and Organize Your Wardrobe in 10 Easy Steps

5 May 2022 10 Mins Read 1019 Views

Re-organizing and de-cluttering your wardrobe may seem like an overwhelming idea but it is also a great means to get rid of stress. We may not realize, but in our busy day to day lives, choc-a-bloc with activities, our wardrobes are one of the major reasons contributing to stress, which means if you have a neat and well-organized wardrobe, you can reduce stress in your life.


If you think about it, we shop for more than we actually need or use, and shopping is more of a leisure activity to get rid of boredom and get some entertainment. And there are endless offers and sales all through the year that entice us to shop even more, leading to burgeoning wardrobes. So here we are to help you, de-clutter, detox and re-organize your wardrobe in a few easy steps and make life easy!

Step 1 – Set Aside Some Time

Organizing your wardrobe ought to be a periodic exercise and not a one-time activity, because we often continue with our shopping patterns ending with excesses in our closets. Ideally it should be done twice a year as the seasons change. To start with, you need to choose a couple of days or may be a couple of hours for may be three or four days for this exercise. It could be over the weekend or on a holiday or after work or on your days off! It may seem to be a boring idea to lose out on your leisure time for this purpose, but it is definitely worth your time and effort. All you need to do is motivate yourself with a few incentives. After you have set your date for this work, next you need to stock up on your favorite snacks to be able to continue without getting bored. You can also keep your favorite play list at hand to be able to play some music while you are at the task! With all this done, you are all set to give your wardrobe a new fresh look!

Step 2 – Empty Your Closet

This may be the most overwhelming part, but yes, it is a must.  You need to bring out every little thing from your closet and not just your clothes. You need to bring out your garments of all kinds, accessories like bags, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, etc. if you have extra stuff stored in drawers, boxes or some other places, you need to drag them out as well. Once you do this, you will be shocked at the amount of stuff you have gathered over months and years.

Step 3 – Start Sorting

Now this comes the difficult and most tedious part of this entire exercise. But before you get your hands started with sorting, you will need a couple of boxes or bins – one for donation and the other for discarding. Keep these ready to make the sorting process faster and easier. When you start sorting, keep in mind that you have to be ruthless when it comes to giving up! Here are a few considerations that you need to bear in mind while you are sorting out your stuff.

  1. Does it fit you anymore? Do you feel comfortable in it? – If yes, keep!
  2. Does it still look good or looks old, tattered or may be even ripped or faded? These are in poor condition. – Simply discard
  3. You still love wearing this sometimes or I love the color and fit or material. – It’s for keeps
  4. You wear this often and will continue wearing this. – Definitely deserves a space in your closet

You could come across some pieces that you wish you wore often but never did, garments that cost a bomb but is either out of fashion or doesn’t fit you well or you simply regret buying it, then these need to be donated! And there are clothes we are all sentimental about, these need to be cleaned and preserved well.

Step 4 – Identify Garments That You Shall Never Wear

While you are at sorting, you need to ask yourself, “How many times have I worn it in the last six months?” – If you haven’t, then you probably never will in the coming months so donate. When you are detoxing your wardrobe, it is extremely important for you to pick the clothes that you shall never wear because these actually make up for a substantial part of your wardrobe. Studies and statistics suggest that women wear only 40% – 60% of their existing wardrobe which means they can be done away with. You can either donate or sell these for some quick cash!

Step 5 – Alter And Adjust

As you go through your pile of clothes, you may come across some that may need a little alteration or adjustment for a better fit. May be it is as good as new or you really love it, but was pushed to the back of the shelf owing to lack of proper fit. This is the time to fix it. You can also consider recycling or

Step 5 – Choose Spaces in Your Wardrobe

After you are done with the sorting, you need to take a long hard look at your wardrobe and decide where to store what. Clothes that you wear most frequently need to be right at the forefront with easy access so that you can access them with ease. You can also decide to allocate spaces dedicated to specific sections like colors, work-wear, occasion or evening wear, casual wear, etc.

Step 6 – Organize Your Wardrobe

Once you have identified these spaces, you need to start with the storing process. It’s common to mix up our clothes while trying to bring out different pieces to mix and match. So what you need to do is organize your clothes into categories like skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc. Group these and place them together so that you know where exactly to find them. This will save much of your precious time in the mornings when you no longer have to hunt for a particular piece in a pile of clothes!

Step 7 – Ensure Optimum Utilization of Space

Space is always limited and now that you know what you want to keep and what you don’t, you need to use up every inch of your wardrobe in the most efficient manner. Hang your jewelry in hangers, roll items like socks and inner wear, knick knacks like earrings, brooches, etc. can be kept in boxes, pants and tops need to be folded well and stacked vertically.

Step 8 – Pack Away Seasonal Staples and Favorites

If its summer then you can pack away your winter favorites and staples away in a box to create more space in your closet. Or if it is winter you can stash away your summer clothing! But make sure the clothes are washed and cleaned well before they are put away.

Step 9 – Sell Or Donate Whatever You Can

There are companies and stores that help you sell or donate your clothes. You can easily find one such store in your vicinity and get things done. It is always wise to sell or donate so that someone else can treasure what doesn’t fit into your life anymore. Others can value, enjoy, and treasure a garment that no longer serves your purpose.

Step 10 – Buy Wisely and Responsibly

Last but not the least we all need to be responsible shoppers. Mindless shopping is needless and when you shop next or like an outfit, you really need to ask yourself questions like how many times shall I wear this, can I pair this with other garments, am I ok with the fit and comfort, etc. Whenever you shop, think of it as a long-term investment and sustainable fashion. And don’t forget to de-clutter your wardrobe every few months for a happy stress-free life!

Alter and adjust

Hang your jewelry

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