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Best Things To Do In Saudi Arabia With Family

4 Apr 2023 6 Mins

Visit Saudi Arabia with your loved ones and enjoy the many sights, excursions, and experiences available. The Kingdom provides loved ones of all levels with enjoyable and entertaining activities. Saudi Arabia has everything, including theme parks, world-famous events, entertainment parks, museums, famous monuments, and dunes.To make your trip unforgettable, has put together some entertaining activities to enjoy in Saudi Arabia with family. Prepare for exhilarating family experiences on your upcoming journey. You and your loved ones would relish your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Top family activities in Saudi Arabia

Visit the Riyadh Zoo

A well-known family destination in Riyadh is the zoo. 55 acres of the terrain are covered by more than 1500 animals of more than 40 different kinds. A train journey can be used to explore the zoological area. Children’s play areas abound amid wild animal-filled environments. The biggest Saudi Arabian zoo has a significant population of wading birds. Throughout the menagerie, there are restrooms, cafés, and prayer rooms. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Get more information on

Experience aquatic excitement at Fakieh Aquarium

The first unique maritime show in Saudi Arabia is located on the north corniche of Jeddah, just off Al Kurnaysh Road. The aquarium at this wonderful family destination in Saudi Arabia is made up of large pools. Join in on the excitement amidst the more than 200 kinds of aquatic life in the aquarium. It creates a vibrant portal onto the crashing Red Sea, providing a wonderful opportunity to explore the area’s underwater environment. Face the aquatic life while listening to peaceful music inside the walls of the confined cavern.

Visit Dolphin Village for an exciting Dolphin Show

In Saudi Arabia, amusement park is a well-liked family destination, particularly for children. Famous dolphin and marine lion performances, a swimming area with slides, and numerous kiddie attractions are all featured at the entertainment park. While the aquatic park provides entertainment with a variety of sporting events, the dolphins perform gymnastics. Experience a few biggest attractions in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, while eating halal cuisine at one of the many eateries in the town. The Dolphin Resort is an excellent location for the whole family to remain.

Exploring the desert dunes on a safari

At Sharm Yanbu, among the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, explore the sands. A fantastic safari location is the stretch of arid territory that runs along the Red Sea. Spend the day having fun and taking part in desert vacation games. You can enjoy thrilling outdoor activities with your family, including sandboarding, dune-bashing, trekking, and more. The seaside city’s northernmost neighborhood, Sharm Yanbu, is home to numerous resorts and tourist attractions. You can also engage in exciting outdoor activities like diving and expedition sailing.

The Al Shallal Theme Park is a fun place to spend the day

Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah entertainment area is a popular destination for families. The area is also known as “Fakieh Poultry Farms,” after its proprietor. Bring your family and children along for an adventurous excursion in a large region. Try out some of the attractions, including the Flying Carousel, Crazy Submarine, Slingshot, Samba Tower, and others. There are both aquatic attractions and thrilling roller coasters. Online ticket purchases or small-group excursion tours are both options. A great family draw in Saudi Arabia has been the 60000 square meters, Jeddah Cornish.

To sum it up

Do not worry about how to amuse your children if you are relocating to Saudi Arabia alongside a small family and are concerned. They will never run out of things to do in their new house.


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