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Unique Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

13 May 2022

Our homes have our hearts, don’t they? We all love our homes. No matter how big or small they are, they are where we all rush to at the fag end of a day, to unwind, relax, be with our family, enjoy our meals, and just be ourselves. The importance of a home cannot be stressed upon enough. However, a home can feel beautiful and warm only if you make it so. This you can do by decorating and setting it up with your own ideas and stuff that you buy or collect from your travels and adding your own personal touches to every nook and corner. That’s how a home becomes a home! And other than that, it is always a good idea to refresh the look you have created for your home by making a few changes like changing the upholstery or linen, rearranging furniture, reshuffling artifact from one place to another, etc. In addition to these, you can give your home a whole new twist by doing up a wall with some unique décor ideas. By creating a special wall, you can make it the most attractive spot in your home. So here we are with a few unique wall décor ideas that will give your home a complete makeover!

A Statement Art Piece

If you love art, then giving a wall a makeover, may be one of the easiest things for you. All you need to do is pick up a unique or statement piece of art for your wall and you are done. But make sure it is exceptional and at the same time matches your aesthetics and the rest of the décor. You can buy reprints of world famous artists or visit local art galleries to look for what you want! Remember to invest well in framing it right.

Create a Gallery Wall

To start with pick a theme, say may be family pictures or pictures from your travel diaries or monochrome photographs. You can use up a blank wall top fill it up with pictures that group together based upon the theme. Family pictures add an intimate and personal touch to the décor. If you love photography then you can probably frame pictures you yourself have clicked for the wall. You can use symmetrical or asymmetrical frames depending upon your personal preference.

Consider Wall Murals for an Artistic Touch

Wall murals look simply amazing and can give your room a major makeover. You can buy them or get a personalized one made by local artists for one single wall for it to become an eye-catcher. Choose whatever you love, it could be florals, plants, geometric designs, something in modern or abstract art, landscapes, etc. anything that comforts you and adds a pleasant feeling to the aura.

Create A Green Wall

Green patches are great for every home. They not only add positivity and happiness to the environment but also spread a feeling of wellness. You can fix a metal grid across a wall and keep different potted plants at the base along the wall. You could choose creepers, flowers or any other that you love. Tending and caring for these plants will also turn out to be a wonderful hobby for you! Make sure you choose indoor plants that grow well in controlled environments. If you love plants, you can also consider keeping a large tree in front of a blank wall and let it grow, spread it branches and give the wall a unique look in the process.

Choose Accents to Do Up Your Favorite Wall

A blank wall is literally like a canvass and you can do anything you like to do with it. You can add specific accents and do it up with different kinds of collectibles. For example, if you have a collection of porcelain, you can put them all up on a wall or may be hang masks, or sculptures, or woven baskets grouped together, etc. that will definitely give a bespoke look to your home.

Have Books across a Wall

If you love books, then this is one of the best options for you. You can use up an entire wall, to create a stylish book shelf and line up all your books along the shelves. You could buy a readymade or DIY shelf or get one made with local carpenters or furniture boutiques. Arrange the books as you like, you can keep them according to different genres or even group books with similar colored covers! Add some small artifacts or tiny plants to the shelves but don’t overcrowd it. Keep a comfortable chair and a rug and you have your reading corner ready!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

There’s nothing like a stylish mirror that can really work magic for a wall. Choose a big bespoke mirror with a classy frame or shape and put it up a wall to add some real style and character to your home. You can place a large or long artifact next to it or a large tall plant or an ornate vase with flowers for some more addition. You can also place a console right below it and place some of your favorite collectibles on it or simply a plant or vase if you love minimalism.

Paint It Bright!

If you wish to give your wall a makeover, then painting it in a bright hue is a sure shot idea that will simply lend a fabulous touch to your wall and give it an instant twist. For some fu, y ou can also do it yourself over the weekend. Similarly, you can also think of plastering with some wall paper with unique prints so that you really don’t have to rack your brains about what more to do. These are simple hacks that work extremely well and can be redone every few years for a new look.

Children’s Art Work Wall

If you have kids around, then hanging their art work on a wall, brings a fresh and innocent feel to the house. And you will also have super happy children as a bonus. Every time your child draws or paints something, make sure it’s up there. By doing so, you add color, character and uniqueness both to the wall.

Your home is your own space. Every nook and corner should speak of you and your family  members. While it may be a great idea to seek professional help to design the interiors of your home, using your own ideas, it the best you can go about it because it adds your own personal touch. Don’t hesitate from experimenting with new ideas, colors, and objects because it will not only be fun, but you will also learn a lot along the process!

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