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Top Brands for All Women Across the Globe

16 May 2022 5 Mins Read 2391 Views

Every woman loves fashion and that’s no secret! Women love to dress up, check out new styles, adopt new trends and update their style quotient every now and then. This holds true for women across the globe! Although fashion and style are greatly influenced by regional choices of apparel, there are some leading global brands that cater to the fashion sensibilities of women irrespective of their geographical location. These brands not only have their own signature styles and creations but also have options to match regional and cultural sensibilities.


These are the factors that make these brands some of the favorite shopping destinations for women across the globe. There are hundreds of brands floating around in the market and this can make it difficult and confusing for shoppers. When you start browsing online it can be an overwhelming process to shortlist designs, prices, styles because some could be affordable while some could be extremely premium. To help out shoppers, here we have curated a list of a few such brands that will never let you down in making you look your fashionable best whether it is an ordinary staple or an evening dress!


Founded by Hennes & Mauritz, this brand hardly needs an introduction. We all know H&M and have shopped from here at or the other point in time. Whether you are looking for staples or something stylish, you will never leave the store without a shopping bag!

Apart from collaborating with leading designers of the world, the store has an awesome collection that can give your wardrobe a good makeover and without a pocket pinch. Since they collaborate with well-known designers, their collections are always in vogue, helping the brand to be one of the most popular ones around.


This is one off the oldest known American brands that was established to cater to middle class Americans. But the brand has grown exponentially ever since and now has a prominent physical as well as online presence all over the world and is one of the largest retailers globally.

If you are looking for casuals, then this store is where you should get it all. Right from T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, etc. you will find them all here.


Another popular online store that occupies a spot in terms of popularity is Farfetch. You can find latest trendy styles here without breaking a sweat because this is one store that keeps updating it stock with every latest design as soon as it is out.

The store also collaborates with new, young and talented designers who go the extra mile in creating styles for plus sized people. Though the fashion world at large is trying to make plus size inclusive, it’s not easy to find latest styles at most stores. But here, you can definitely go home with the trendiest best included in your wardrobe.


This American brand is more associated with sports and active wear than anything else. Ever since its inception in 1964, it has seen immense popularity with athletes, celebrities as well as common people and ranks amongst the world’s top few leading brands. It is the one stop destination when it comes to footwear, apparel and accessories.

You can shop shoes according to the sport you love as well as all kinds of clothing in various sizes including plus sizes or you can also opt to shop by going directly to the Sport section for everything that you need for it. The brand has different collections of its own that helps you shop with ease.


Based out of Singapore, this relatively new brand has fast created a niche for itself in the retail fashion segment. With its huge collection of inventory, which does not stop at just clothes, it is emerging as one of the favorite online shopping destinations for women of all ages. Other than clothes you can fulfill, every other fashion need at this store to complete your look.

And the high point of this online store is the pricing which makes it affordable for every shopper to find something within their budget. Whether its summer wear like skirts, dresses, beach wear, hats, maxi dresses or formal work wear like pants, shirts, blazers and coats, or winter wear like cardigans, sweaters, knitted tops etc. you can find it all here! And you stop at that. You can browse through a wide variety of accessories like hats, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, etc. for a complete look! So head to Shein for a complete shopping experience and also be easy on your pocket as well.


If you love shopping different brands, then this is the store for you. here you can find most brands with their latest collections. Tops, active wear, coats & jackets, dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, suits & suit separates, pants & capris, sweaters, underwear & lingerie, jumpsuits & rompers, pajamas & robes, swimsuits, maternity wear – the list is endless but you will find it all here. You can also look forward to find leading brands like Calvin Klein, Free People, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.

Another advantage at this store are the sizes that they offer, right from petite to plus sizes, you can get it all here making every woman a happy customer. Also you need not stop at clothes, you can also check out accessories like shoes, hand bags, watches, jewelry, home décor, bed & bath, etc. Women can also buy for their children and partners from this store. The huge availability here makes it one of the best online stores for sure.



If you are looking for a wellness brand online, then your search ends here. At iHerb, you can find a wide range of vitamins, supplements as well as natural health products under different categories that are much needed in today’s times. Given the stressful lifestyles of most people, it is essential to include wellness products in your life.

At this this store you can shop not only for supplements, but also for other wellness products related to sports, beauty, healthy homes, for babies, pets, and even groceries. You can look forward to major discounts at check out, as well as discounts on products, free shipping, etc. that make it pocket friendly for every customer.


A multi-brand store, women shall be more than happy to stop by at this online shopping destination. The major highlight of this store is not just its amazing collection curated from different brands but the affordable prices they sell at.

There is nothing ever that you cannot find here when it comes to your fashion needs. Be it summer, winter, spring, work wear, parties, special occasions, staples, casual wear, you will find numerous styles, colors and brands to choose from. High quality clothes, impeccable tailoring and finishing and the prices, are all the reasons for you to check this store out.

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