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Lovehoney Review : What do LoveHoney Users Think of the Site?

20 Jun 2022 8 Mins Read 889 Views

When one has been in a stable relationship for an extended time, generally we want to urge innovation to stay the flame alive. This is often once vibrators or sensual intimate apparel come back and engage, for ourselves and our mate.

After all, who does not need to seem and feel sexy?  It’s known as Lovehoney and its sweet name masks a large sort of merchandise that even the foremost intimate with are going to be stunned by.

What is Lovehoney?

Lovehoney is one of the world’s most popular online sex shops. They provide a wide range of sex-related products, including foreplay toys, condoms and lube, massagers, lingerie, BDSM apparel, and a variety of vibrators.

They produced a line of thematic brands, such as Happy Rabbit, 50 Shades of Grey, Desire, and others, in addition to providing products for any budget, ranging from the most from simple sex toys and accessories to high-end, well-known brands like Lelo and Womanizer.

Lovehoney, which is based in the United Kingdom, has a significant international presence, with specialized sites in North America, Europe, and even Oceania.


What Sets Lovehoney Apart From Other Sex Toy Stores?

One of the secrets to Lovehoney’s success is unquestionably its commitment to international coverage.

Lovehoney has multiple dedicated sub-sites that cover the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, and Germany. Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are included.

Lovehoney USA

Lovehoney Canada

Lovehoney UK

Lovehoney EU

Lovehoney Germany

Lovehoney Spain

Lovehoney France


So, if you live in or near one of these areas, you won’t have to worry about your package being too expensive or arriving late.

Lovehoney maintains storage in each region to ensure speedy and dependable transportation.

After all, who doesn’t want their hot devices as quickly as possible?

Even if you live in a country where they don’t have a dedicated site, the shipping fees are still far lower than those charged by Shevibe and Ella Paradis.

Furthermore, there will be no additional expenses for currency exchange. Lovehoney handles it because it accepts all main currencies (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD, and NZD) regardless of where you are.

Payment Options




Master Card

American Express



Love Honey Best Sellers

Favorite items among customers

#1. Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator {£34.99}

This vibrator’s rounded form and silicone casing make it comfortable to use both internally and outside. Our reviewers complimented its versatility as a couple’s toy, with the remote allowing control from up to five meters away.


#2. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator {£34.99}

This toy was recognized as an excellent choice for couples. The vibrator may be hidden under the lovely lace knickers and controlled by a lover from up to eight meters away.


#3. Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator {£27.99}

This massage vibrator boasts a variety of capabilities, including 10 speeds and seven vibration patterns.


#4. Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator {£139.99}

This vibrator functions as both a G-spot and a clitoral sex toy, providing both internal and exterior stimulation.


#5. Le Wand Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator {£129.99 }

This vibrator was the finest. Smooth the silicone head against your skin and the battery will last three hours once charged.


Don’t be deceived by their vintage design. You will get a lot more than what you see with Lovehoney.

They sell items from all of the high-end or popular brands, such as Lelo, We-vibe, Fleshlights, B-vibe, Ohmibod, and many others.

Meanwhile, many of their low-cost products (USD 30 or less) are of good quality, and several so-called “cheap sex toys” are simple, entertaining, and body-safe.

Under their own brands, Lovehoney has also created some fantastic things. Their 50 Shades of Grey and Happy Rabbit lines are very appealing to me.

When it comes to price and quality control, Lovehoney is a far superior option to mass merchandisers like Amazon.

Because there are numerous low-quality or even counterfeit sex toys available on Amazon.

Another thing  like to mention is that, while Lovehoney may not appear to be as gender-inclusive as Shevibe, it actively promotes safe and enjoyable sex through its wonderfully detailed blog, podcast, and, most notably, YouTube channel.

Lovehoney’s channels not only promote products but also provide excellent sex education.


What do you like about Lovehoney?

What mostly loved about Lovehoney is how everything is neatly organized and easy to find. Lovehoney’s web design appeals to the same audiences as Adam and Eve, but it’s a lot easier to navigate and has a higher level of quality.

Furthermore, international shipping is their true strength. Aside from not clearly labeling their shipments as “sex toys” and employing discreet wrapping, their shipping charges are more than reasonable (sometimes even free) since most packages arrive within 5-7 business days.

What else is there? Who doesn’t care about price when it comes to shopping?  Lovehoney has some of the best deals throughout the year, whether for popular or small businesses.

They also occasionally sell product bundles, which are a terrific way to explore new sorts of sex toys. And these bundles are usually extremely reasonably priced or heavily reduced.

Then there’s the lingerie. Lovehoney’s seductive clothing range is unrivalled. From classic lace and silk nightgowns to corsets, crotchless items, and sensual male underwear, they truly have something for everyone.

The best aspect is that size is irrelevant! They have a large selection of one-size-fits-all and plus-size seductive clothing. If you enjoy shopping for clothes, consider having erotic thoughts while doing so!

What else is there? I’m also pleased with its quick customer service! They are quite helpful and typically respond within two days.


Last Words

Want to try something new with your partner? Want to avoid the inconvenience and shame of buying a sex toy in a physical store?

Lovehoney stands out as an excellent alternative whether you are seeking for the biggest bang for your dollars or simply want some high-end sex toys.

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