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Decathlon Review: What Are the Best Decathlon Purchases?

13 Feb 2023 5 Mins

Are you looking for the best Decathlon caa? Here is our roundup of Decathlon gear reviews, where you can find the best things to buy from Decathlon if you have an adventurous family. Decathlon Sporting Goods is a market leader in the outdoor industry, selling equipment for more than ten different sports, but we particularly enjoy their hiking, car and camping, and water sports gear. Decathlon has almost everything you need in terms of sports equipment. But today, we’re sharing some of our favourite Decathlon items that we’ve been using for years.

Decathlon Hiking Gear
Decathlon has many hiking options for the entire family. Adults and children have different pricing and user levels. From hiking jackets to hiking shoes and day backpacks, Decathlon has you covered from head to toe. Decathlon even sells hiking poles and snow crampons for winter hiking. They also have excellent hiking clothing.

Hiking Jacket
Make an ideal fall or spring jacket for rain or shine. It’s an excellent outdoor and hiking jacket for around $80.00.

Decathlon Hiking Shoes & Sandals
If you’ve ever gone hiking in the summer, you know how inconvenient it can be to wear full-on boots on a casual trail. Flip-flops, on the other hand, are only appropriate for walking around town or on a sandy beach.

Fleece Jackets
In the fall and spring, fleece jackets are ideal for hiking. In the winter, they make an excellent middle layer.

Hiking Backpack
Decathlon has some excellent options for hiking backpacks as well as travel backpacks under $200.

Decathlon Camping Gear
Decathlon has so many camping tent options that it can be overwhelming.

The thing about headlamps is that you don’t need them until you really need them.

Microfiber Towel
You never know when you’ll need to dry off while camping, so pick up a few microfiber towels. They are lightweight, compact, easy to fold, and quite comfortable. They’ll be ideal for beach days, drying off after a rainstorm, or simply using after a shower.

Stainless Steel Hiking Cookset
When camping, having a nice bowl, utensils, and a pan that go together is always useful. Also, you never know when your wife will want to go on an impromptu picnic. Other great camping gear available at Decathlon includes camping chairs, tables, coolers, and much more.

Other Decathlon Gear & Sports
A high-quality bike that would not break down frequently.
Something simple to ride so that we wouldn’t be discouraged from using it.

Rock Climbing Gear
Climbing is a favourite pastime among children. Our boys are always jumping from rock to rock or seeing how high they can climb up a steep hill when we stop for a hike. The purpose of this pad is to introduce our boys to bouldering and rock climbing in a fun way. We can stop with the pad on hikes when we see a fun spot to explore.

Paddle Board
So far, this is our family’s favourite purchase. It’s not much use in the Canadian winters, but it’s the ideal piece of clothing for spring, summer, and fall. This is an entry-level paddleboard that is easy to control and feels very stable (even with the kids on it).

If you are going to get a paddleboard, you should also get a wetsuit. Decathlon has wet suits in all sizes for men, women, and children. This model appealed to me because it was suitable for a wide range of water temperatures.
This wetsuit is ideal for paddleboarding in colder waters, as well as surfing and, hopefully, triathlons/half-ironman competitions.

Final Thoughts on Decathlon
Decathlon’s product quality and variety. But we also like knowing that, despite their low prices, they are not (to our knowledge) harming the environment or using child labour to manufacture their products. Their unbeatable prices and high-quality products set them apart in the retail sports industry.

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